Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sam Albano on the Pastoral Emergency in American Catholicism Caused by Abuse of LGBT People: A Personal Response

Sam Albano co-founded a youth ministry in his Catholic parish in Carmel, Indiana. Until August 2014, he served on the parish council. 

And Now West Virginia: Another State Considering Copycat Legislation Modeled After Arkansas's "Pro-Business" Right-to-Discriminate Law

As I noted two days ago, immediately after Arkansas enacted its new "pro-business" right-to-discriminate (against gays) legislation, a Texas legislator filed a copycat bill in that state. And now West Virginia: as David Badash writes,

Quote for Day: "Boundary Maintenance Is Very Important to White Evangelicals"

How do white evangelicals, as a small minority group, exert such outsized control on American politics at a national level (I'm piggybacking on my previous posting with this question)? As Jacob Lupfer explains, it's by monitoring the boundaries of political and religious conversations, and excluding anyone who will not dance to their right-wing tune — including potential candidates for national office:

PRRI Releases American Values Atlas: Outsized Control Exerted by White Evangelicals to Block Expansion of Rights for LGBT Citizens

Today, the Public Religion Research Institute is releasing a new American Values Atlas.  As Cathy Lynn Grossman reports for Religion News Service, 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Plano, Texas, Continues to Protect LGBT Citizens from Discrimination; Catholic News Service Responds by Circulating Report of Liberty Institute That Christians Are Persecuted

Can Catholic News Service undercut its credibility any more decisively as a bona fide journalistic venture? I doubt it. Not when it's willing to become a propaganda organ for the likes of Liberty Institute in Plano, Texas.

As Arkansas Enacts Right-to-Discriminate Legislation, Texas Legislator Files Copycat Bill

And so it begins: as David Badash writes, just as the right-to-discriminate bill becomes law in Arkansas (see Max Brantley at Arkansas Times on this),